Our Mission

Our mission is to add value to your business by providing solutions that work.

Marketing Solutions that work

Engage your audience and boost your revenue.

Why fit-in, when you can stand out?
If you are not Unique, showing and proving to your audience how you’re different from others, then you’re invisible.

We work with enlightened, forward-thinking start-ups and small businesses, building measurable marketing that creates visibility, awareness, and differentiation.

If, like us, you believe that you cannot solve new problems using old solutions, then get in touch.

We partner with you to grow your business, your people, your processes and your bottom-line using social media and digital media tools.

Beyond average

Every project is different but we have solutions for each of them



Social media has not only re-defined word of mouth marketing, which by the way, is the most effective kind of marketing, it has re-energized it, by adding lightning speed, community, interactivity and instant feedback.



Firebrand Academy is our capacity development service aimed at filling identified knowledge gaps, as well as at arming individuals and organizations with the requisite skills and information needed to fully optimize the social media and the entire digital media spectrum.



Whether your business is a start-up requiring hands-on marketing talent, or an established firm not delivering on your brand’s goals, we have the marketing solutions to give you results.



How well do you use your social media channels and how well does it work for you? Do you have the right photo, cover and share engaging content? Let us identify what’s working and what failing and what can be improved upon across all your social media channels.


A Great Business Idea Needs a Great Marketing Idea.

We give your business a unique voice and presence.

Firebrand Marketing Solutions is a 360-degree marketing solutions team comprised of strategy, marketing, design, web development, communications specialists and business development professionals with a focus on providing tailor-made to suit integrated marketing communication solutions for ideas, businesses, and individuals.

We give every brand a unique voice and presence while keeping your audiences satisfied.
We partner with you to grow your business, your people, your processes and your bottom-line using social media and digital media tools. The result of this integrated approach is A better-engaged audience, greater customer conversion, and retention improved the bottom line.

The important word in that last sentence is “partner.” We work with you, not for you.

We have located in the commercial heart of African businesses: Lagos.

We understand that every company is unique, and therefore deserves custom-fit marketing ideas and execution. We’re about developing initiatives, campaigns, and ideas that reinforce what your sales and marketing people are already saying and doing

"To put it simply: We live and breathe this stuff!"

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Rule #1

If we can’t become as passionate about your business as you are, we can’t work with you. We need to be as emotionally invested as you are to give our best.

Rule #2

If we don’t believe we can add more value than your team already does, we will not work with you. We neither waste our money, nor our Clients’.

Rule #3

If we believe our fees would strain your business, we will not agree to provide our services to you. We can’t afford to have you losing concentration on your business because you pay us too much.

What happens when you contact us

We will get in touch with you. The aim is to learn about you and your business. Your goals, your aspirations, what you’d love to do but can’t for whatever reason, and what you feel isn’t working.

Talk to us. Let us know how we can partner with you no matter the sector.

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