Firebrand Marketing Solutions is a 360 degree marketing solutions team comprised of strategy, marketing, design, web development, communications specialists and business development professionals with a focus on providing tailor – made to suit integrated marketing communication solutions for ideas, businesses and individuals.

We partner with you to grow your business, your people, your processes and your bottom-line using social media and digital media tools. The result of this integrated approach is:  A better engaged audience, greater customer conversion and retention, improved bottom line

Strategy 90%
Content Development 75%
Branding 80%
Marketing 95%

What Makes Us Different?

Our strength lies in our deep understanding of cultural nuances and human behavior, borne out of about a decade of experience in strategy, understanding human motivations and aspirations.

We understand that every company is unique, and therefore deserves custom-fit  marketing ideas and execution. We’re about developing initiatives, campaigns, and ideas that reinforce what your sales and marketing people are already saying and doing.

Elevating strategy through planned, measured, tactical execution. We become an integral part of your organization – part of your brand DNA.

We understand the fact no-one knows your business better than you do and that, sometimes, it can be difficult having an outsider come into your company with a view to changing things.

Our team is here to help you market, grow, and develop your business – but without the cost overhead that top talent usually demands.”

Our 3 Rules

Before accepting any new client, we have three rules that need to be satisfied by every one of us:

Rule #1

If we can’t become as enthusiastic about your business as you are, we won’t work with you. We need to be emotionally invested in your business in order to give you our best work.

Rule #2

If we believe we can’t add more value than your internal competence already adds, we won’t work with you. We don’t waste our own money – so we won’t waste yours

Rule #3

If we feel that we’d be too much of a drain on your finances, we won’t accept you as a client. Worrying about how much you’re paying us means you’re not concentrating on your business.