Today’s business climate is radically different from just a few years ago

So why do companies believe that they can continue to sell in the same ways as they have always done?

Today’s buyer is more sophisticated in their purchasing approach.

Yesterday, the Sales Department were deemed responsible for generating revenue. Today, that responsibility lies with the entire company.

Companies can no longer use the same, old-school methodology to sell into today’s new-technology marketplace. That’s where we come in.

Our products and services are designed to help your startup or small business better align its business value communication with today’s buyer expectations.

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A Range Of Business Marketing Services

What is “Marketing”? Marketing is whatever people are saying about you.

what-is-marketingThe object of marketing is simple: To feed the sales channel with leads, and to nurture prospective customers until they enter the decision/buying phase.

With Firebrand Fitted package, we work with your existing sales and marketing personnel to develop programs and campaigns that increase corporate and product awareness. The goal is to build reputation, reliability and trust in your business value offering in the minds of your target audience using

Content Strategy

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Page Conversion OptimizationPR & Communications

At Firebrand, our marketing services are more than what we do; they’re who we are. After all, Firebrand is a full-service marketing solutions provider firm. And “full-service” doesn’t mean crowd-pleasing or shape-shifting or trying to be all things to all people. It means we deploy our versatility in concert with our expertise. Because we’re not committed to a channel; we’re committed to results.


With Firebrand Fitted, we craft for you a marketing strategy that gets your products/services to the heart of your prospective customers thereby growing your sales and profit margins.

We give to you the options of either outsourcing your marketing functions to us or to adopt one of our marketing strategies for your in-house marketing team.

Our marketing strategies are bottom-line driven, and sales oriented.


With Firebrand Academy, we get to connect you with the pros in the industry as they pass on the required knowledge to make you an authority in your field.

We provide competent facilitators to train and mentor you in their field which they have conquered.

We have a robust module lined up for you.


How do you want to be perceived?

How does your client/customers perceive you?

What influence does your online presence have on your business?

Let’s help position you in the light you want to be perceived at, thereby carving a personality style for you and your brand.

Let’s show you how.


Many businesses have dabbled in social media marketing over the past few years, with varying degrees of success.

The most common reason why a social media channel isn’t resonating with its targeted audience is to do with the type of content broadcasted. Tweets, Facebook updates, or Google+ posts should not be purely promotional and self-serving.

If your content isn’t interesting or useful in the minds of your audience, it’s seen as just another kind of spam.

Let us help you develop meaningful, relevant and sharable content, engage and monitor conversations. We can also track and analyze metrics to see how you’re doing.